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Most of the household drawers are equipped with ball-bearing drawer slides. Such drawers which contain these are very easy to slide along the track. However, these tracks may sometimes be embedded with dirt, crumbs and dust. If it is soiled heavily then the drawer might stutter or get stuck while opening. In order to prevent this kind of problem the slides and drawers should be cleaned once annually or when shifting to a new place. However, before knowing how to clean the knowledge of installation is also necessary.

How to Install Ball Bearing Drawer Slides:

The slide of the drawer is the mechanism which enables the drawer box for being pulled out from the cabinet. There are various kinds of drawer slides available. If ball bearing drawer slides are installed then it becomes a worthwhile investment. These slides contain bearings which provide smooth travel. Different weight ratings and length exist in ball bearing slides therefore as per the requirements it can be bought.

Firstly, determine the drawer slide length required. For this measure the drawer box length. The slide and the drawer box should have the same length. Ball bearing drawer slides can be purchased from home improvement store. The interior part of the cabinet should be marked for attaching the slide. The best place to attach the slide is near the drawer box bottom. Straight line should be marked at the back of the cabinet by the use of a level on both the sides. Place in position the cabinet section and hold slide in place, then using a power drill screw into the cabinet with 5/8 inch screws all the way through the slide of the drawer.

How to clean Ball bearing drawer slides?

Ball bearing drawer slides are very helpful and comfortable. If these kind of slides are used it becomes easy to slide the drawer in and out. A few of the instructions to clean the drawers and slides are mentioned below.

• The drawer should be pulled out till it meets with resistance.
• The ball-bearing track should be detached from the cabinet wall. The method of detachment may vary for different manufacturer. Instructions manual should be read before doing the detachment. If there are no instructions then examine the track. The release button or tab would be a metal or plastic. It may be located by the side of the track or below the drawer.
• After the drawer is pulled out sweep it clean.
• Moisten a wiping cloth with a household cleaner containing pH-neutral.
• Wipe the tracks on both sides. The screws should be removed before cleaning.
• After the cleaning is over attach the slides to the drawer and slide it back carefully.

Therefore, it can be noticed that these Ball bearing drawer slides require the least maintenance and are very suitable for all kinds of cabinets. Further, they are very smooth and do not get rusty or damaged easily. Hence, it is the most preferred drawer slides in the current times.

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